Social Networking in a different way

I’m sick of Facebook. I’m also addicted to it. I’ve developed relationships with folks, and I want to know what they are up-to.

I’m not fond of Twitter. It’s all right, but not great for longer form expressions.

So, to replace or, more likely, augment them, I’m testing out a 1:1 + 1:many approach that is like a blog, but with moar email. It’s 1:1 because if you subscribe, you’ll get a message, from me, about things that made me twang. 1:many because if people subscribe, this 1:1 connection will be replicated for all subscribers.

And if the subscribers have their own substack, and I subscribe to theirs, we’ll now have a bidirectional way to communicate that isn’t merely stuck in my inbox.

And that’s better.

This particular substack is about politics and philosophy. Check out my personal one at

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